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5-in-1 Self Care Planner Bundle

5-in-1 Self Care Planner Bundle

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?? Unlock the Power of Self-Care with Our PLR Self-Care Planner Bundle! ??

?? This versatile bundle includes five canva editable PLR self-care planner templates, specially designed to promote self-love, self-confidence, mindfulness, self-growth, and more. Whether you're a life coach, wellness blogger, or mental health professional, this bundle is a valuable resource.

? Dive into a world of self-care and personal development with our professionally designed planners. Each template is crafted to empower individuals on their self-care journey.

?? What's Inside:
? Self Care Planner A4 Size - 50 Pages
? Self Love Planner Canva A4 Size - 25 Pages
? Self Growth Planner A4 Size - 30 Pages
? Self Confidence Planner A4 Size - 25 Pages
? Mindfulness Planner A4 Size - 20 Pages

??What' Included:
? Resell Rights: Sell the planner bundle and keep the profits.
? PLR (Private Label Rights): Customize and rebrand the planner bundle as your own.
? Commercial Use: Incorporate the planner bundle into your products/services or sell it independently.

? Well-structured and detailed Selfcare Planners
? Resell rights included for potential profit
? Save time and effort of designing
? Use for Personal & Commercial Work

?? Customisation you can do:
? You can change the background colors/branding
? Text, Font, colors, sizes, and position
? The color, size, and position of the illustrations

?? As a self-help professional, you can offer these planners to your clients, complementing your guidance with actionable tools. Customizable and editable in Canva, these planners allow you to align them with your brand and style.

???? Once you purchase our product, you will receive a PDF document with the templates download link. You can download and start using the templates right away!

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